Board Members

2016-2017 IowACE Board Members

PRESIDENT, RICHARD BRIGHT – Richard Bright is a Neighborhood Inspector with the City of Des Moines. He is a I.C.C. certified Housing Code Enforcement Officer and Property Maintenance/Housing Inspector. Richard started with the City as a Concrete Inspector in 1993 and became a Housing Specialist in 1994 then Housing Inspector in 1995. Duties include inspecting rental units with enforcement of the rental code also enforcing the cities nuisance ordinance. Richard served in the Iowa Army National Guard, training at Ft. Belvoir Va. Engineering School and completed Architectural Drafting courses at the Des Moines Area 11 Community College in 1981. Richard has been a IowAce member since it started in 1998 and began assisting with obtaining speakers the past several years and will strive as President to make the organization be the best it can be to further indoctrinate those who will travel in these footsteps for public safety.
1ST VICE PRESIDENT, CHRIS REINDL – Neighborhood Inspector with the City of Des Moines. He has been with the City of Des Moines since August of 2012. His duties are to inspect and enforce the City’s Nuisance Ordinance, inspect rental units and enforce the Rental Code. Chris was a Master Plumber and Ran his own construction and plumbing company from 2008- 2012. From 2000 through 2012 Chris Was full time Medic at Clarke County Hospital and was the Safety Director for the Hospital. Other areas of interest, High school Football coach from 2000-2016, and High/ college basket official. 2005-present. IowAce board member since 2015.
2ND VICE PRESIDENT, SCOTT CLYCE – Building and Zoning Administrator – City of Grimes. He has been with the City of Grimes for the past 10 years initially as a Building Inspector and for the last 3 years has been promoted to the Building and Zoning Administrator. He worked for the City of Des Moines for 10 years from 1990-2000. He was hired as a Fire Fighter and was promoted to Fire Inspector. Military Experience – 16 years with the Army National Guard. Army Veteran – he was called to support Operation Desert Storm in 1990-1991. His last rank was Staff Sergeant (E-6) Platoon Sergeant. He believes in Public Service and have a strong and primary goal of protecting the public and keeping them safe which has been demonstrated thru the careers and training he has achieved.
3RD VICE PRESIDENT, VINCE TRAVIS – Vince started in 1987 with the Public Library as a Building Equipment Operator. In 1989, he accepted a position as a Building Equipment Operator at the Airport. He took a lateral transfer within the maintenance department to downtown operations and worked in City Hall. During this period of his career, Vince took courses at Des Moines Area Community College including, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, motor control, and telephone installation. This initiative has assisted his career with the city. On October 21, 1996 he was hired by the Community Development Department as a Housing Specialist and was was promoted to Housing Conservation Inspector on January 26, 1999. In February 1999 are job title was changed to Neighborhood Inspection Division (NID) and new duties were also added to the job description. In July of 2013, Vince was promoted to Neighborhood Inspection Supervisor. He has been involved with IowAce since he was voted in as 3rd Vice-President in approximately April of 2015. He has enjoined my years of service with the City of Des Moines and IowAce, he values the connections he has made with city staff in all departments, and all the people he has come in contact with IowAce. Vince looks forward to the rest of his career with the City and IowAce and will do his best to continue to be an asset to the City of Des Moines and the IowAce organization.
TREASURER, BRYAN DAVIS – Bryan Davis has been a City of Des Moines Developmental Zoning Inspector since April 1999. He is I.C.C. Certified as a Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector, Zoning Inspector and Residential Building Inspector. He is also an Army Reserve Food Safety Officer and has been deployed three times to the Middle East. He has an Accounting degree from Morningside college in Sioux City, Iowa and previously worked for Blue Cross of Iowa as a Medicare Auditor. As a Developmental Zoning Inspector, he reviews plans for compliance with zoning regulations and gives information to the public as permitted uses or conditions of use. He renders judgment on compliance issues related to development zoning. He investigates and reports on developmental projects, issues permits and certificates as allowed by City ordinance and departmental policy. He also issues various permits including, sound, sign and building permits.
SECRETARY, SARA VAN MEETEREN – Building Official for the City of Ames. Sara was the Community Codes Liaison with the City of Ames from 2011 to 2017. In this position, she was responsible for nuisance enforcement and issued sign permits. In August of 2017, Sara was promoted to the position of Building Official and is now responsible for the activities of the Inspection Division which include all building and trade permits/inspections, rental permits/inspections, and nuisance enforcement. Sara received her Bachelor’s Degree from ISU in Sociology and Criminal Justice and has also earned a Master’s in Public Administration from ISU. She served as a Military Police Officer in the Iowa Army National Guard from 2004-2012. Outside of work, Sara stays busy raising her two boys (Owen 3, Cooper 18 months) and two dogs with her husband.
ASSISTANT SECRETARY, HOLLIE BURGUS – Hollie is a Development Zoning Inspector for the City of Des Moines since August of 2017. She has a Planning degree from Iowa State University and worked for Maricopa County Planning and Development in Phoenix, AZ for 2 1/2 years.
SERGEANT AT ARMS, KEVIN KING – Kevin King is a Neighborhood Inspector with the City of Des Moines. He is a ICC certified Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector. He started as a Zoning Inspector in 1993. His duties are to inspect and enforce the City’s Nuisance Ordinance, inspect rental units and enforce the Rental Code. Kevin has a B.A. in Public Administration from the University of Iowa in 1988