Your 2018 IowACE Membership now includes a Membership to the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE).  For one membership fee, you get access to everything that both organizations have to offer!  Please visit the AACE Website to see what they have to offer.  Once we have finished coordination with AACE, all current IowACE Members will be given access to log in to the AACE Website.  Those that are currently members of both, IowACE and AACE, will have reduced membership fees with this pass-through membership without losing any of the benefits!

Please join us at the IowACE Fall 2018 Conference in Des Moines, Iowa to listen to Kelvin Beene, AACE President, discuss the new membership program and all that it has to offer!

Click to Open the Fillable/Printable 2018 Membership Form